5 Worst Foods to Eat with Braces

5 Worst Foods to Eat with Braces

To prevent damage to your braces and to maintain good oral hygiene while wearing them, it’s important to understand the downside of certain foods. Eating foods that may disrupt the treatment process can lead to delays or complications, which nobody wants to deal with! Boost the efficiency of your ortho treatment by avoiding these five foods that are notorious for causing problems.

  • Popcorn 

Popcorn can be an annoyance even for people without braces, as the kernels are known for getting lodged in difficult-to-reach places. When wearing braces, this issue is exacerbated, and small pieces can become lodged between the braces and the teeth.

  • Hard Candy

For teens, giving up their favorite candy can be a difficult sacrifice to make for straighter teeth. However, hard candies can bend the brace wires or pull off brackets. This damage often requires a visit to the orthodontist and can cause delays in treatment.

  • Whole Nuts

Nuts can be part of a very nutritious diet, however it’s best to avoid them during orthodontic treatment. Whole nuts, such as almonds and pistachios, have the potential to damage braces. While this may mean you have to give up your favorite trail mix, you can opt for nut butter instead to get a boost of protein, fiber, and healthy fats.

  • Tough Meats 

Beef jerky and thick cuts of steak can be difficult to manage with braces, as pieces are prone to getting lodged between teeth. That doesn’t mean you need to avoid this source of protein altogether; just opt for softer alternatives like meatballs, ground beef chili, and meatloaf. Save the filet mignon steak dinner to celebrate getting your braces off!

  • Sticky Snacks

Foods that are prone to sticking to your teeth, such as taffy, caramel, dried fruits, and any type of gummy snack, should be avoided. Leftover food particles can be difficult to clean off fully, and the residual sugars can increase the risk of cavities and tooth decay.

Well, What Can I Eat Then?

Don’t fret if it feels like all of your favorite foods are on the “avoid” list when you have braces. You can still eat plenty of nutritious options and enjoy the occasional sweet treat to help keep the sugar cravings at bay.

Soft fruits such as bananas and oranges and dairy products like yogurt are great options. Eggs are an easy-to-eat staple for individuals with braces, as are soft proteins like tuna, salmon, and other fish. Continue enjoying your favorite pasta dishes and soft bread like pancakes, muffins, and tortillas!

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