How Straightening Your Smile Can Improve More Than Just Appearance

How Straightening Your Smile Can Improve More Than Just Appearance

Crooked teeth don’t just affect confidence. They can also make it difficult to take care of your oral health and left untreated, may lead to difficulty in other aspects of your life as well. Straight teeth receive less wear and tear, reduce the likelihood of chips or cracks, and can even alleviate neck and jaw pain that’s attributed to misalignment.

The Health Benefits of Straighter Teeth

Aside from the obvious cosmetic benefits of straighter teeth, orthodontic treatments can improve your overall oral health as well as your general well-being. Patients may experience a higher quality of life due to better digestion, improved speech, and even a reduced risk of periodontal disease down the line.

Prevent Cavities

Straight teeth aren’t only aesthetically pleasing, they also allow an individual to properly clean their teeth. When teeth are misaligned or overlapping, it can be difficult to reach certain spots with a toothbrush or floss. With straighter teeth, you have a better chance of avoiding cavities and potential periodontal disease. Proper alignment and oral health go hand in hand.

Bite Correction

Braces don’t only have the ability to straighten your teeth, they can also correct bite issues such as overbites, underbites, cross-bites, and open bites. Left untreated, these issues can cause difficulty chewing and speaking and can lead to uneven wear and tear on the teeth.

Improved Digestion

In some cases, patients may have difficulty chewing foods efficiently due to misaligned teeth or an improper bite. Straighter teeth equate to better chewing, which ensures that your meals are broken down properly — promoting overall digestive health.

Enhanced Gum Health

When teeth are misaligned, it can be more difficult to clean your gums properly. Straight teeth are one way to guard against gum disease and help to keep bacteria at bay. Even if you’re practicing good oral hygiene habits, you may still be at risk of periodontal disease which can be linked to cardiovascular conditions, pneumonia, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Reduced Jaw Problems

Misaligned teeth can cause excessive strain when chewing and talking, which means the muscles and tendons become fatigued from working twice as hard. This may manifest in headaches, soreness, dizziness, or even ringing in the ears for some patients.

Better Sleep Quality

Straighter teeth can help to open up the airway, which allows for easier breathing throughout the day and at night. This can alleviate symptoms of sleep apnea and also reduce the likelihood of grinding your teeth. Healthy sleep patterns are an integral part of a patient’s overall well-being.

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