What Happens if My Child Loses Their Aligners? (Brush Hollow to the Rescue!)

What Happens if My Child Loses Their Aligners? (Brush Hollow to the Rescue!)

Embarking on the journey of orthodontic treatment with aligners can be transformative for a child’s dental health and self-confidence. At our orthodontist office in Westbury, NY, our patients’ parents often wonder about potential setbacks, such as their child misplacing or losing their aligners.

While this scenario might cause concern, understanding what happens in these situations can ease worries and ensure a smooth resolution. Trust the team at Brush Hollow to help get you through any dental dilemmas without any unnecessary stress. Keep reading to learn more!

Understanding What’s Important for You and Your Family

Here’s the #1 tip we can offer: It’s crucial not to panic if your child loses their clear aligners. This mishap is not uncommon, and our Wesbury orthodontic office is well-prepared to address these situations. Upon realizing the loss, please call us as soon as possible. Communicating the issue allows us to provide more specific guidance and help you plan your next steps.

In many cases, your Brush Hollow orthodontist might recommend assessing the situation to determine the duration for how long the aligners have been missing. If the loss is temporary and the aligners are found shortly after, we may advise continuing with the current set for a little longer before transitioning to the next set in the treatment plan. However, if the aligners are irretrievably lost or damaged, it will be best to evaluate your child’s current progress and decide on the best course of action. Typically, we can initiate the process of ordering replacement aligners. Our sophisticated technology allows for swift and accurate replication of the lost aligners, minimizing disruption to your child’s progress and treatment schedule.

What to Do While You Wait for Clear Aligner Replacements in Westbury

During the interim period before receiving the replacements, it might be recommended that your kiddo temporarily revert to their previous set of aligners to maintain progress and prevent teeth from shifting back. This temporary solution ensures that your child’s treatment remains on track while awaiting the new aligners.

In the case of persistent loss or damage to aligners, we may need to reassess your treatment plan. Sometimes we might need to take new digital impressions or scans of your child’s teeth to create a revised set of aligners that accommodate the adjustments needed to achieve your desired results.

Ensuring Your Child’s Aligners are Properly Cared For

It’s essential to stress the importance of responsibility and proper aligner care to your child. Encouraging them to adhere to our guidelines and emphasizing the significance of keeping the aligners safe can prevent future mishaps.

Our orthodontic office in Westbury, NY, has a supportive and understanding team that empathizes with these situations. We always prioritize patient comfort and progress, working diligently to ensure minimal disruption to the treatment plan despite unforeseen circumstances.

While losing aligners might cause temporary concern, we know how to effectively manage such situations efficiently. Prompt communication, adherence to their guidance, and a proactive approach to care are instrumental in swiftly resolving these issues, allowing your child’s orthodontic journey to continue smoothly toward a confident and beautiful smile.

Contact us today to get the help you need! We’re here to listen to your concerns and find the best solution possible for you and your child.

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